Hello World!

Monday, August 10, 2015 Books And Trips

Hi everyone! I am Gabi, blogging from lovely Bucharest, Romania. I see my 30s as a great opportunity for personal development, therefore I started this blog in order to  share with you all the experiences of this new and wonderful decade. 

A little bit about my passions and what you will see on this blog: reading and travelling - these are the things that excite me the most, so I decided that after years and years of just living and enjoying the world of books and travels, I should start writing about my two passions in an effort to capture the best of these experiences and to share them with other people that have similar interests. 

This blog is meant to become a collection of my adventures in real and fictional worlds, I am looking forward to wonderful new discoveries and memories in the making.

The idea of this blog sparked to me while I was enjoying my 30s birthday dinner with my two best friends in the world and my sister: we were reminiscing about good times in our 20s and it just dawned on me that this is not the end of an era, this is a new begging, so I better start documenting my most precious memories!

Age is just a number (or a word), it is what you make of it!