Paper versus Electronic

Tuesday, August 18, 2015 Books And Trips

Ever since I was a little girl, I was passionate about books. They made me feel like the world is my oyster and I only had to reach out on a library shelf and immerse myself into a whole new universe. I don't know who or where would I be now without the books that shaped my childhood, my teenage years and my roaring '20s (pun intended), but I surely wouldn't want to find out.

During my years of reading I acquired quite a large number of hard covers and paperbacks, so my old room and my parent's library was running out of shelf space for good reasons. When I moved out with my fiance, I did not take any of my books from home, because our one bedroom "library" was not big enough and I figured it will be full in a matter of months anyway. Boy, was I right!

Knowing my love for books, all my friends and relatives gift me books for my birthdays, name days, Christmas - so you can imagine that my shelves filled out quickly. Also, I am a book fair aficionado, so each Bucharest book fair (e.g. Bookfest, Kilipirim) brings with it a tote full of new books that need to be stored some place.

Therefore, for my 30th birthday this year, my fiance (the best fiance in the world) offered me a Kindle. I was an anti-Kindle girl for so long, that at first I wasn't even that excited. I kept thinking that a Kindle would never top the page turning experience and it will never smell like new book. Also, being in Bucharest, I am always mindful of my valuables, and I wouldn't want to always be afraid to get my reading dose in the subway / bus, in fear that someone would rob me of my precious Kindle. And lastly, as I really enjoy travelling and one of my favorite reading places is in the airplane, while I'm taking off for a new destination, I thought that I will find annoying the twenty minutes or so when I cannot crack open my book during take-off and landing, especially if I am not in the window seat.

However, that being said, when I first used the Kindle, I was hooked. Think of all the endless possibilities: I can now get all the books I want, without ever thinking about shelf space. If there is a book that I cannot find in Romania, I can always download the eBook from Amazon, in English, and read it long before the Romanian translation comes out (hello Winds of Winter, hello Queen of the Tearling, hello The King's Curse!). Also - it fits in all my purses! No more lugging around 800 pages tomes through the subway - I can fit a whole library in a super thin gadget!

The selection of books is amazing and I have access to a plethora of books in Romanian, English and Spanish. Also, there are tons of free or inexpensive books that I now can take advantage of with just a few clicks. There's no reason for me to keep avoiding those classics I kept dodging in high school (hello, War and Peace!)

Also, you can easily use your Kindle to learn or improve your language knowledge. Downloading a Spanish dictionary has allowed me to read a book by Isabel Allende rather easily, learning new vocabulary everyday and preparing myself for the trip to Barcelona. While I am reading, I can just press and see the definition of a new word at the tip of my finger, it cannot get easier than that!

So, while I will always enjoy the experience of using a hard cover or a paper back, I am definitely a Kindle girl now! I cannot believe I waited this long to get on board, but now, nothing can stop me!