Christmas Gifts for the Jet Setter

Tuesday, December 08, 2015 Books And Trips

Shopping for Christmas gifts can be a drag, especially for those friends or loved ones who don't seem to give you any hints at what they might want or like. If you find yourself at a loss on what to get the wanderer in your life, read below for a few practical, but fun travelling accessories.

1. Kindle - I wrote here about the way this wonderful gadget changed my life. It is lightweight, has a long lasting battery and can fit a whole library for the voracious reader on the go. There is no way your traveler can find themselves stranded without entertainment now!

2. Packing cubes - These organizers can be used not only for travel, but also for any household storage needs. Think about unzipping a suitcase after a long flight and lugging it around town for hour and find everything exactly how you packed it - no wrinkles! Plus, since they are color coded and have mesh tops, they make it easy to find things right away!

3. Scarf - A beautiful, warm cashmere scarf would be a very appreciated gift. Besides looking pretty it can beautifully round up an outfit and it can also double up as a blanket when airplanes crank up their air conditioning.

4. Travel Size Perfume - If you know their favorite brand, why not try one of those mini packs? Fragrance junkies will definitely appreciate having a small dose that can be packed even on a carry-on luggage and it would even give them a chance to discover some new scents.

5. Fun Luggage Tags - I love these things! They instantly personalize any suitcase and help prevent any bag mix-ups on the conveyor belt. Luggage tags also include a removable ID information card on the back, and they can even fit in a business card. Easy peasy!

6. Compass Watch - Heading off into the unknown can be dangerous, but it's so much easier to find your way with one of these babies. Extra points if it's a vintage style one - it will make your wanderer feel like he's embarking on a time travel journey.

7. Document Holder - Another way to help your explorer stay organized and make the best of his adventures. A cute document holder can make the difference between rummaging frustrated for essentials in your purse / backpack when you most need them and sweeping through check-in & airport security #likeaboss.

8. Scratch-Off Edition Bucket List Map - Or any  kind of world map for that matter. This scratch-off edition has a playful side, allowing your travel bug to check off destinations, as they discover the world. This map comes covered in a silver layer, like the world's best lottery ticket.

9. Airport Code Personalized T-Shirts - In case, ya' know, they forget where they're going!

10. A Ticket To Anywhere - This is a wonderful, thoughtful gift for any jet setter - no mater if they've been to that destination or not. Travel lovers are always looking for a new adventure, so why not make it easier for them. With nowadays cheap options - Ryan Air, Easy Jet, Blue Air, Wizz Air in Europe it is impossible not to find an affordable way to make your loved one a happy camper!