December in Bucharest

Thursday, December 24, 2015 Books And Trips

I will be the first to admit that I do not like winter. If it was up to me I would move to the land of endless summer and never look back (#lifegoals)! But since this is not possible (for the moment), I decided to make the best of what I have and to explore the nooks and crannies of my hometown, which, back in the days used to be called Le Petit Paris de'l Est.

So for once in a while I will enjoy a lovely 'Staycation' (per Urban Dictionary this is a vacation that is spent at one's home enjoying all that home and one's home environs have to offer) and tell you all about it.

This Sunday I took advantage of the nice sunny, over 0 degrees Celsius weather and went out to Modelier, for a hot apple cider and a burger with my beau and good friends.

For those who want to visit Bucharest and don't really want to delve into the local food scene, I would definitely recommend Modelier - it is packed with the comforts from home (e.g. delicious burgers), with a hint of Romanian flavor here and there, all in an unique location, situated in the center of Bucharest, on winding little back streets full of local color. It was my first time here, and this is not a sponsored post by all means, but I really liked it and I will gladly go there again, not only to pig up on delicious burgers, but also to lounge around on the huge sofas and read my book while sipping on hot tea or mulled wine.

After the lovely Modelier experience we set out for the Bucharest Christmas Market. This is a new tradition all in all, but I am happy that my home town adopted this type of manifestation from other European cities and each year seems to be doing it better and better.

The Christmas Market is open from the 27th of November until the 27th of December, between 11 am - 10 pm and it is located in the city center, right by the University Square, on the Statues platform.

It's chock full of traditional Romanian yummyness - from delicious jams and marmalade, to cakes (cozonac, kurtos kalacs), tuica (this is our Romanian vodka, made of plums), mulled wine, chestnuts, candy, but also pottery and Romanian blouses, that you can take back as souvenirs to your loved ones.

There are also concerts performed by local bands and choirs, as well as the Spirit Vienna Orchestra, and all kinds of workshops and demonstration by local craftsmen. It's worth a quick visit, to enjoy the lights, drink a hot cup of mulled wine and nibble on roasted chestnuts.

And while this post will go online at Christmas Eve, I am wishing you all Happy Holidays and may Santa bring you everything you wished for and more!!!!!